Our Mission

Mud/Bone Collective is dedicated to creating collaborative theater that fosters connections between diverse communities and sheds light on the stories of underrepresented individuals. We are concerned with deepening the resonance between seemingly disparate entities, and view theater as a site for truth, truce, transcendence, and reconciliation. We approach our work with a spirit of curiosity, risk-taking and exploration, and believe in testing the limits of live performance as a means to promote audience engagement and civic dialogue. Toward this mission, we:

  • Create original productions drawing inspiration from local untold stories and classical texts
  • Maintain an ensemble through collective training, where artists share a common experience, strengthen creative relationships, and develop a common vocabulary
  • Ensure that minority artists play a majority role in the ensemble and hold positions of leadership within the organization
  • Partner with local community organizations to illuminate individuals’ stories through a combination of research, interviews, residencies, and workshops
  • Develop work with the ensemble using a collaborative process of research, exploration, and experimentation
  • Maximize the possibilities of live theater by creating productions that are multidisciplinary, emphasize physical theater, and engage in real and direct interactions with the audience
  • Cultivate a diverse audience and promote civic dialogue through talkbacks, outreach, education, and other community development efforts